Settling Into Pre-School

Some children may adjust to a new environment quickly and easily.  For others the transition from home to Day Care Centre/Nursery may take a little time.  We will always be sensitive to the needs of children and parents.

We recommend the following to facilitate smooth transition from home to Nursery:
Let your child rest until he/she recovers health and spirit, if he/she feels under the weather on the first day of school, but keep us informed.
Allow your child to bring a toy to the Centre, which will gradually be taken away from the child.

Parents can sit with the child on the first day till he/she is comfortable with the care giver. A gradual withdrawal but at the earliest opportunity is advised.
A child who is upset during the first few days may be picked up earlier than the normal hours until he/she becomes adjusted to the new environment.
When leaving, always remember to say good-bye and re-assure him/her that you will come back for him/her later.

In case of any anxiety after you have left please call the Centre to find out how your child has been getting on since your departure.



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